Szun Waves will release their second album at the end of this month, titled New Hymn To Freedom.

Szun Waves is the project of Luke Abbott, well known for his explorations of the zones between pure ambience and the leftmost fringes of club culture; Jack Wyllie, who sits in the vanguard of UK fusions of jazz, classical, and club music; and Australian drummer Laurence Pike, who has likewise found a unique voice in improvised and experimental music-making, whether in the bands Triosk or PVT, or as a solo artist. His debut solo album Distant Early Warning landed in March 2018. 

From Wyllie adding shimmering sustained sax notes to Abbott’s ambient pieces in 2013, Szun Waves emerged when Pike was added to the mix, energising the sound but still keeping its levitational qualities. Their 2016 self-released debut album hit a natural groove, and now New Hymn To Freedom features six entirely live improvisations—“no edits or overdubs.” 

In support of the August 31 release via The Leaf Label, available for pre-order here, you can download “Moon Runes” via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. A1. Constellation 

02. A2. Fall Into Water 

03. B1. High Szun 

04. B2. Temple 

05. C1. Moon Runes 

06. C2. New Hymn To Freedom 

D. Slow Motion (vinyl only bonus track)