Loose Fit, a duo of reportedly life-long friends Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith, has just unleashed a new release for the relatively young UK label Join the Dots. Here we have the EP’s lead track, a slow-brewing, piano-driven outing that floats between artsy house and delicate future-pop. “Loose Fit” is built from a base of looped chords, to which the pair adds layers of percussion, arpeggiators, and distant synth swells to the deep bass and sparse beat that move “Table Beggar” at a solemn, steady trot. The final touches come in the form of understated vocals and rich string arrangements, which result in a dense and rewarding effort. The Table Beggar/Magnetise EP, which comes with another Loose Fit original as well as remixes from Manuel Tur, Ripperton, King of Town, and Ruf Dog, is available now in digital format.

Table Beggar (Radio Edit)