Vancouver-based DJ/producer 22:22 (a.k.a. Juri Gregurec) is set to release his Travel Music EP on October 18 via East Van Digital, and has opted to share one of its four original tunes beforehand. While many up-and-coming producers seem to be blindly writing tunes in halftime to keep up with the recent trap craze, it’s refreshing to hear Gregurec aggressively tackle the seemingly forgotten up-tempo side of 140bpm. “Tap Dance” is a percussion-driven, peak-time banger that wastes no time immediately locking into a four-on-the-floor groove propelled by fluttering congas, indecipherable vocal glitches, and a rollercoaster of swelling synths. Toying with the listener, the Canadian artist breaks the beat up with more vocal rips and an equally lo-fi synth before unleashing his bass- and clave-driven drop.

Tap Dance (Original Mix)