While recent years have seen an flood of third-world dance beats on to first-world dancefloors, the flow of “official” releases remains at a trickle. Yet a few fledgling labels are combating this trend; count among them Akwaaba, whose founder Benjamin Lebrave has spent a significant amount of time in Angola and signed up local kuduro heroes to legitimately release (and get paid for) their infectiously frenetic dance cuts. Today Akwaaba is releasing A Minha Face, a new album from veteran producer Killamu. “Tchilu” skews toward the genre’s electronic side, pairing hyperactive handclaps with lightning-quick verses and an overwhelming sense that Killamu and friends had just as much fun making this track as you will when it’s blaring out of your stereo.

For a more in-depth look at Killamu, Akwaaba has put together a mini-documentary that you can check out here.

07 Tchilu