Moscoman‘s Disco Halal label will release its first compilation next month.

Halal Collection coincides with the label’s decision to make its entire catalog available to buy digitally, via !K7. The tracklist is composed of highlights from the past two years as well as an exclusive Red Axes edit of Autarkic‘s “How To Cheat.”


01. Autarkic “Asi Keta Ga”
02. TCP “Dynamic Energy” (Moscoman Remix)
03. Naduve “10K From Essaouira”
04. TCP “Twonga”
05. Red Axes + Mosocman + Krikor “Subaru Pesha” (Red Axes Remix)
06. Simple Symmetry “Voodoo Your Ex”
07. Simple Symmetry “Plane Goes East” (Dj Tennis Remix)
08. Autarkic “Solo Gun”
09. Naduve “Ready Set Go”
10. Red Axes + Mosocman + Krikor “Subaru Pesha”
11. Autarkic “How To Cheat” (Red Axes Edit)

Halal Collection is scheduled for September 8 release, with Moscoman’s rework of TCP’s “Dynamic Energy” available to download below.

Dynamic Energy (Moscoman Rework)