Brixton-based producer PhOtOmachine got his start working with garage legend MJ Cole, but his Technicolour EP, which just came out today, demonstrates a more profound love of house music. The title track is armed with a pulsing 4/4, bleeping synths, a snappy vocal sample, and a predilection for vintage 808 samples. Oddly enough, this remix from fellow Brit Throwing Snow is a lot more in line with the country’s garage lineage, as it swaps in a skittering, off-kilter drum pattern and runs the vocal snippet through layer after layer of ghostly filters. It’s less suitable for the dancefloor than the original—those looking for maximum floor-filling effectiveness should check out the Optimum remix—but it’s a warm, gentle listen that’s nonetheless quite enjoyable.

Technicolour (Throwing Snow Remix)