Now that we’ve officially entered the final month of the year, the inevitability of certain holiday events is closer than ever. And no matter whether you dread or look forward to the ensuing December festivities, there is one thing we can all agree is beyond awesome this time of year: Rinse FM‘s and FWD>>>‘s Boxing Day celebration, which gathers every Rinse DJ and puts them on display in London’s legendary Fabric nightclub. One such DJ is Funk Butcher, who—along with the likes of Brackles, Skream, Oneman, Scratcha, and more—will be dropping a number of quality tunes like this one on December 26. “Techno Babble” exists a little more on the techy side of Funk Butcher’s usual style (especially the almost two-minute breakdown in the middle), but it still has more than enough bouncing UK vibes to stay true to his moniker. For the full list of DJs set to perform at the Boxing Day celebration and all the essential details, head here.

Techno Babble