With its classic piano chords and soulful bounce, RJD2‘s “Temperamental,” from his recent More Is Than Isn’t LP, was primed to be reworked into a house edit. Ascending Los Angeles producer Sage Caswell (pictured above)—who helped inaugurate the Peach label earlier this year and is due to deliver an EP via the Urulu-helmed Amadeus label sometime year—appears to be the first to see this inclination through, reworking the Motown-infused hip-hop tune into a sufficiently rolling dancefloor number. Focusing on the original tune‘s vocal hook (provided by Phonte Coleman) and jumpy piano, Caswell adds a thick assmeblage of straightforward rythyms, lacing a steady four-on-the-floor shuffle with an orgy of hats and painstakingly placed FXs. The results make for an edit that thankfully retains the initial catchiness of RJD2’s track, but gives them—at least in terms of dancefloor music—a much sturdier sonic footing. Caswell can be found venturing into similar sonic territory live in LA next month at the first anniversary of the Far Away party, performing alongside Kim Ann Foxman, Mike Servito, and others; more details can be found here.

Temperamental (Sage Caswell Edit)