Tenant, enigmatic member of Andrew Lustman’s (a.k.a FaltyDL) Blueberry Records, has been explicit in avoiding the media spotlight in response to the ethos of an oversaturated industry. Over the past few years, Lustman has been careful to assemble a roster—which features the likes of Elysia Crampton,Ametsub, and our most recent XLR8R Podcast contributor Luke Vibert—that provides a platform to underrepresented figures. Tenant’s presence complements this philosophy well. Their April 8 debut on Blueberry, Not For Press,exemplified the label’sdisillusionment with the contemporary dance music landscape. With 909-heavy lows and choppy breakbeats, the release presented tracks that extract sounds from dingy warehouses of decades past while avoiding predictability entirely.

Tenant has offered up the second track off Not For Press, “Run Run Devices”, for today’s XLR8R download. Here, an ethereal high end meshes with muddy kicks to both evoke precedent and construct a vision for the future.

You can download “Run Run Devices” below via WeTransfer.

Run Run Devices