Paul Tenebre (aka Ténèbre) is a French producer whose heavy and brooding techno sound is a unique reflection of the bustling metropolis where he has taken up residency, Seoul. Releasing his music through his personal label, which he aptly named Ténèbre Audio, the imprint’s visual and sonic design makes it apparent that Seoul’s urban environment has had a heavy impact on Ténèbre’s artistic vision. The track “Construction Random,” which has been offered up as an exclusive XLR8R download, is a robust and glaring techno cut that moves with dancefloor authority and does so in a truly unforgiving fashion. For more sinister sounds from Ténèbre, you can download his track “Smart City (Antigroove),” which was featured as an XLR8R exclusive last March by going here.

You can download “Constuction Random” for free below and be sure to keep an eye out for his fifth release, Meta/Hydr, outvia Ténèbre Audio on September 14.

Construction Random