For the third release from Glasgow’s Phuturelabs imprint, fellow Scotsman S-Type hooks up a few purply, nod-worthy cuts, which include this mid-tempo jam, “Terry Nutkins.” The tune starts grooving from the get-go with a stuttering melody and a hip-hop beat bouncing in half-time, occasionally peppered with some warped vocal exclamations, and takes no time joining up with an arsenal of keys—organs, lead synths, pads, wobble bass, etc.—that grows larger and larger with each passing minute. At times, S-Type’s production is a bit anthemic, a bit grimy, a bit wonky, and a bit (as said before) purple, but no matter which sound “Terry Nutkins” pushes, it remains ready, willing, and able to move you at the push of a play button.

Terry Nutkins