The ex-SF, now LA-based producer/vocalist/bloggerBaron Von Luxxury (formerly known simply as Luxxury, pictured above) has a new LP for Manimal Vinyl still a few months away from seeing its release in September, but fellow West Coaster Loose Shus has already turned in this remix for the album’s track “Terry Richardson.” Believe it or not, this version of the tune considerably tones down the disco-pop obsession of Von Luxxury’s original, smoothing things out with some deliciously retro synths and classic drum machine work. Sure, the vocals still have quite a bit of cheese to their credit, but Von Luxxury’s whole MO is to find the “fine line dividing what is cool from what is deeply embarrassing,” and Loose Shus seems content to continue this flirtatious experiment within the ever-changing “guilty pleasure” realm set off by his Los Angeles counterpart.

Terry Richardson (Loose Shus Remix)