Natural Sciences and Textasy/Dustin’s FTP label will present Texas Terrortech Volume 1, a collection of boosted ghetto-tech and Miami bass edits in the vein of DJ Godfather/DJ Assault. Coming out on March 29, the release comes with an insane 100+ track mix of unheard bootlegs and original material with pre-loaded Rekordbox metadata so DJs can make their own versions in the club. 

Texas Terrotech is a combination of hyper-frentic futurism with the gritty global sound of the streets, wherever it comes from. It’s the pop music on the radio, combining that with innately adaptable, yet eminently absorbable form which evolved in these different little things, all compatible, yet closely related. When they are decoded from the genome of our global musical collective, their inter-relatedness becomes even more clear, and a new perspective can be gained. The internet made everything smaller. It turned the territory into the map, destroying the physical borders between geography and genres, reducing it into digital code, breaking it into bite-sized bits. This is the sound of the phuture digesting the people.” — Natural Sciences / FTP

In support of the release, you can download Textasy’s “Woodgrain,” in full via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 

Pre-order here