While LA beatmaker Thavius Beck is primarily known for his leftfield hip-hop beats and general production wizardry, those who have seen his DJ sets know the broad-minded MC’s range of expertise extends deep into the realms of house and techno as well. To showcase Beck’s diverse talents, Mush Records is releasing a three-part series of EPs titled Amber Embers that will contain material more in line with his Ableton Live-crafted DJ sets than his previous wordplay-laden full-length albums. “Thavihaus,” taken from Amber Embers Vol. 1, is Beck’s take on tech-house and attempts to mine the minimalist aesthetic frequently associated with German labels such as Kompakt and Minus. Vol. 1 is out now, while Vol. 2 will see a release on December 12, with Vol. 3 to follow on January 25 of next year.