Throughout the 2010s, Doctor Dru (a.k.a. Hamburg-based Martin Druzella) has been a force to be reckoned with in the European deep house community. As the founder of JEUDI Records, Druzella has provided a local home for fellow German house devotees such as Sidney Charles and Adana Twins. As a DJ and producer, he has developed a signature sound full of wistful melancholy, complemented by a deep knowledge of the music he champions. In recent years, with production credits for the likes of Bootsy Collins as well as a stint in live drumming, Druzella has been hard at work recalibrating his hardware and reexamining his artistic process.

Doctor Dru has submitted a rework of “Creeper” by British bass-infused rock outfit The Acid for today’s XLR8R download. The introspective dancefloor anthem speaks to the studied production chops and emotive capabilities he has carefully cultivated over the years.

Download the track via WeTransfer below.

Creeper (Doctor Dru Rework)