Well, this is a weird one, but what else should we expect from a casette label helmed by the elusive London producer Patten? In truth, the track which Vanilla Hammer has shared here isn’t so strange—a crunchy piece of hardware techno full of clattering drum and percussion samples and floating layers of hiss—however, the concept behind it all is rather unique. The complete Retreat cassette from which this song stems marks the third release in Kaleidoscope’s Limited Dubs series—in which artists perform songs live to tape, yielding five cassettes with unique performances and one “master version” available digitally. “The Big Fight Live” caps off that “master version” and will be available with six other similarly untamable pieces of audio for free from Kaleidoscope on November 5. For an idea of what else to expect from Vanilla Hammer’s debut release, you can check a video for another track off Retreat after the jump.

The Big Fight Live