Despite apparent copyright issues over their name, Sydney’s wacky foursome, The Lost Valentinos, have soldiered on and recently dropped a new 12″, “The Bismark” on Bang Gang, thusly proving that a snafu over trademark agreements isn’t going to keep them down.

As singles go, they did this one up proper, with an original–and very danceable–cut, along with a few remixes. This one’s from nu-disco dons Canyons, who slowed the tempo of the original down and darkened the mood up. Or perhaps the gist of the track is best told in the words of its press kit–”a slow, drugged-out version you could imagine Bez loosing his nut to at the Hacienda before he was on celebrity Big Brother.

“The Bismarck”
A1 Bismarck
A2 Bismarck (Goldenbug Remix)
A3 Bismarck (Canyons Remix)
B1 Bismarck (Dexpistols Remix)
B2 Bismarck (Knife Machine Remix)

Lost Valentinos – Bismarck (Canyons Remix)