As The Cyclist, Andrew Morrison has earned a spot in the foreground of a new wave of producers that champion an idiosyncratic strain of grainy, lo-fi house music—a style that some have appropriately dubbed “tape throb.”

Following his Bones in Motion release, Morrison has been hard at work expanding his muddy aesthetic to encompass breakbeat, Chicago house, hip-hop, and more. Additionally, through his tenure on forward-thinking imprints Crash Symbols and Leaving Records, the dynamic UK DJ-producer has surrounded himself with a cast of like-minded figures to complement and mature his sound into its current permutation. 

On his forthcoming Pressing Matters EP, the first for Hypercolour, Morrison turns back the clock to toy with an old school breakbeat foundation. A dreamy, muddied alternate edit of his title track has been made available for one of today’s XLR8R downloads.

Grab the track via WeTransfer below, and keep an eye out for the full EP’s September 2 release.

Pressing Matters (Ending Edit)