Earlier today we reported on the upcoming release of the next and final episode in Solar One Music‘s Hubble Telescope series—a trilogy dedicated to the marvels of the spacecraft. First up was 2015’s Everything is Nothing by Luxus Varta, followed by E.R.P.‘s contribution earlier this year—Ancient Light, an EP that we described as “cold, angular music” with “a unique appeal that few others can muster.” The German imprint will now add to that list a split EP by The Exaltics and Gerald Donald (working under various guises, including Heinrich Mueller and Der Zyklus), entitled Spiralgalaxie. It will also see the debut of their collaborative endeavor Project STS-31, a name that was borrowed from the launch of the telescope itself.

The EP looks set to contain all variety of electro and techno jams, spawned from a number of the artists’ different aliases—amongst all of them, you can be sure that dark, cosmic themes will be awash in the works. Alongside the vinyl pack, the label are also offering five bonus cuts on CD format; ahead of that release, they have been kind enough to share one of the five, a cut from label co-founder Robert Witschakowski (a.k.a. The Exaltics).

The tune in question, “Messier 81,” is a prime example of one side of the multi-talented producer’s varied palette. Unlike some of his tougher works, this is more like a throwback to retro electro production. A lively acid line subsumes its laidback beat, amid the occasional melancholic synth. It’s very precisely put together, but still oozes raw character—the hallmark of a real professional.

Download “Messier 81” via WeTransfer below. Spiralgalaxie is due out on September 5, and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

Messier 81