Disco-pop is one of many flavors the Lithuanian duo of Downtown Party Network specializes in, and with a new EP out on Best Kept Secret, the pair has allowed the label to incorporate some Detroit techno and even trance-like elements into their vibrant sound. The Linn-drum setup behind the beat on “The Machine Man (Best Kept Remix)” proclaims its allegiance to summertime ’80s vibes while a Motor City-influenced bass synth rolls out some deliciously funky accompaniments. As the track grows, it becomes apparent that a hot July afternoon in the sun is exactly what this jam was intended for. Even when blissfully washed trance pads spill over the proceedings, they only bolster the sense of humid, sweat-infused fun, refreshingly acting like mist machines on a scintillating day at the waterpark. The Machine Man EP is out now on digital and 12″.

The Machine Man (Remix)