From the opening moments of Kontext‘s “The Man Who Escaped,” it’s hard to tell exactly where the St. Petersburg-based producer plans on taking us. Initially, the tune sounds like an exercise in textural dub, but slowly, “The Man Who Escaped” begins to gather speed, even as it becomes consumed in every increasing layer of washed-out haze. Just before the three-minute mark, though, Kontext peels back the layers he’s amassed, letting the dark, tribal-like techno pulse that has been waiting to reveal itself from underneath finally run at full speed. This tune, and eight other experimentally rooted productions from Kontext, are included on the man’s Dysphoria album, which serves as the inaugural release of the Klammklang casette label, a new project helmed by tireless Russian outpost Fuselab. Kontext’s full effort for the label can be streamed on Klammklang’s Bandcamp.

The Man Who Escaped