Earlier this week, NYC record hub Trouble & Bass released its first record of the year, “The Night,” by Brooklyn’s queen of bass, Star Eyes (a.k.a. Vivian Host, pictured above). The single includes the original tune, a vocal-driven bass number with plenty of low-end wobble, and a few speaker-rattling remixes courtesy of Hostage, Deathface, and Bad Looks. This remix by Berlin-based producer kkoee does not appear on the single, but it’s certainly not for lack of merit. The tune straddles the line between house and techno, starting off with a bouncy rhythm and Host’s chopped vocals before dropping into the meaty part of the song with a ferociously heavy bassline and punchy percussion. kkoee does an exemplary job with his remix, re-crafting the original vocal and synth work in a way that allows the song to flourish as a heavy-hitting dance track while keeping the dark and mysterious vibe of the source material.

The Night (kkoee Remix)