London’s Pusherman has been all over the place; earlier this year, he released two EPs, Shake It Off and Still Feel, via LNUK and Dench respectively. July 30 marked the release of his third offering, this time for Audio Doughnuts, aptly entitled Donuts. While the “Donuts” single has been floating around for quite some time now (its video, which you can watch here, has been out since last year), it only received an official release this past Monday. However, Audio Doughnuts has padded the single with new material, including a remix of “Donuts” by Diamond Bass, a b-side titled “The People,” and a reworking of that same track by Naive Machine. Although Naive Machine’s members hail from the UK, the outfit’s collective mindset on this remix is rooted in Chicago’s footwork traditions; Pusherman’s original shuffling, syncopated beat is cast aside and replaced with frenetically repeating samples and skittering juke-inspired rhythms.

The People (Naive Machine Remix)