Next week, San Antonio producer Ernest Gonzales will be releasing a new album, Natural Traits (artwork above), a surprising effort which finds him dipping his creative toes into the world of house and techno. His past efforts under his own name (Gonzales also creates bass-heavy tunes as Mexicans with Guns) were more subdued and pastoral, yet his pensive tendencies haven’t been completely abandoned. “The Scattered Thoughts of Raindrops” may be underpinned by a steady four-on-the-floor, but the slow swell of the song’s plinky synths and airy melodies is what truly makes it stick. Natural Traits doesn’t officially drop until January 17, but all of its thoughtful dancefloor numbers are streaming this week on the Hype Machine. To listen, follow the link or simply check the player embedded after the jump.

The Scattered Thoughts of Raindrops