When The Electro Compendium sent us its recent compilation, the collective told us that it’s “sick of electro-house coming along and stealing our word.” The global network of producers has released a gigantic collection of electro tunes from 115 different artists as a way of reclaiming the term “electro” and informing people as to the origins of the style. According to The Electro Compendium, electro is “the sound of robots dreaming of a science-fiction future, making machine music in their bedrooms with pulsing drum machines.” Its self-titled compilation showcases some contemporary highlights from the genre, including standout cut “The Spores Are Coming” from Seattle talent 214 (a.k.a. J. Alvarez). The producer wades through industrial noises over a squishy beat that comes to life with a weirdly lilting swagger and stark, stilted drum programming. The size of the file containing the entire compilation might be daunting, but luckily the Compendium’s enlightenment is pro-bono, so you can download the whole thing for free here.

The Spores Are Coming