From the forthcoming The Windtalker EP (pictured above) by Swiss-French artist Consor, we have this remix of the title track by LA beatmaker and Non Projects acolyte Asura. Seeing as how both producers have distinct interests in organic sources and texturally dense music, bringing together their individual takes on those sounds for “The Windtalker (Asura’s Fur Ana Mix)” is basically a no-brainer. Asura dips the whole song into a warm bath of synth pads, hushed vocal melodies, and overwhelming spatial atmospheres and injects the once-beatless tune with a clattering, rhythmic pulse—effectively giving Consor’s original track a serene-yet-driving vibe, the likes of which we haven’t heard much of since Aphex Twin’s ambient days. Make sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the eight-song release when it drops on March 7.

The Windtalker (Asura’s Fur Ana Mix)