Color-drenched, tropical-tinged dance music inspired by the likes of UK funky stalwarts DVA and Roska seems to be making its way back into the fold, as evidenced by this gritty jam from British producer Beacon. With a new three-tracker set to drop on Four40, Beacon offers up non-EP cut “The World Is Quiet,” a paranoid and skittering production buoyed by ascending kettle tones and a nefarious, creeping synth line. The beginning of the tune reminds us strongly of the work of Hessle Audio’s Joe (“Untitled” and “Grimelight” in particular), hissing ominously as the beat builds into a shuffling furor. The Freakin’ U EP will be released via Four40 in the coming weeks, available exclusively on Beatport for the first two weeks and followed by a limited run of colored vinyl a month later. You can stream a preview of Beacon’s forthcoming EP after the jump.

The World Is Quiet