For the third release on the fledgling Blankstairs label, the Portland-based imprint has reached way across the pond to tap Belgian artist Binamer Lebienheureux (a.k.a. LBNHRX) for the three-track Naïve Misanthropy EP. Said to be an entirely hardware-crafted affair, the forthcoming effort is led by “Their Judgements,” an entrancingly off-kilter cut lined with dark chords and lurching melodies. Held together by the steady pulse of its bulbous kick, “Their Judgements” is techno in the loosest sense of the word, as LBNHRX seems to use the genre merely as a foundation for seeing if his various hardware pieces can actually sync up. But as “Their Judgements”—and, we imagine, the rest of the man’s Naïve Misanthropy EP (out on April 1)—proves, sometimes it’s actually better when they don’t.

Their Judgements