Last week, we shared “Jungle Jim,” an understated track from Croydon’s Deft, but here’s a remix of the producer’s work that turns up the gas just a bit. Fybe:one‘s remix of “Thought You’d Fancy It” presents a melange of jazzy synth mashes, which stutter along start-stop, stereo-panned percussion. The original track can be found on Deft’s Clotting EP, which drops on June 4 via WotNot, and features remixes from Jimmy Edgar, Soosh, and others. A tracklist and preview for that release can be found after the jump.

1. Thought You’d Fancy It
2. Thought You’d Fancy It (Chesslo Junior Remix)
3. Thought You’d Fancy It (Fybe:One Remix)
4. Clotting
5. Clotting (U Remix)
6. Clotting (JJ Mumbles Remix)
7. Clotting (Jimmy Edgar Blend Gradience)
8. Clotting (Soosh Remix)

Thought You’d Fancy It (Fybe_one Remix)