Icelandic artists Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rassmussen (of electronic outfit Bloodgroup) have reinstated their techno partnership as Kiasmos, an outfit which hasn’t released any material since 2009’s “65” b/w “Milo.” “Thrown” is the first preview of the pair’s forthcoming album for Erased Tapes, and it proves to be a rich production of deep, subdued techno. The sequenced groove which begins the selection stays around for the track’s entire eight-minute run, its filtered movements serving as the bed for layers of detailed percussion, swelling pads, and touches of reverb-washed strings. But the real treat here is the simple melody, which consists of little more than a few notes on a bell-like instrument placed atop the lush tune, but are nevertheless sure to stick in your head long after the track is through. No exact date has been set yet for the eventual Kiasmos LP, but those especially interested in moody, melodically-inclined techno are encouraged to keep an eye out.