Here in the US, it seems like the coasts get all the attention when it comes to tropical bass, global bass, and all the other buzzwords being tossed around to describe the dance music that’s borrowing from and inspired by the sounds of the Third World. But down in Austin, the Peligrosa crew is holding things down for Texas, both with its monthly parties and growing record label. The latest Peligrosa offering is the Siempre Fresco EP from San Antonio producer Sonora, who’s offering all five songs for free download via Bandcamp. Siempre Fresco is powered by cumbia rhythms, slightly screwed reggaeton beats, and plenty of squealing synths that settle somewhere Argentinian cumbia villera and contemporary rave anthems. “Tierra Santa” might be the best of the bunch, thanks to its can’t-miss vocal samples of Colombian legends Petrona Martinez and Toto La Momposina. Even better, the track’s synth-heavy double-time breakdown sounds a lot like something Uproot Andy would do, which is just fine with us.

05 Tierra Santa