Now, here’s a fresh slice of boogie-flavored club music that leans heavier on the vocal-pop side of the spectrum. Producer Henry Maldonado (of House 2 House and Rhythm Section fame) delivered the tune courtesy of his brand-new Native Underground project and its debut EP, Till it Hurts, which is out now on NYC’s Wurst label. Maldonado’s title track sparkles and shines from the get-go with filtered piano flourishes and arpeggiating synths, and doesn’t waste any time introducing the bulbous bassline and solid beat of its classic-sounding dance groove. In the midst of it all, the vocals inundate the production with an almost endless string of melodies and hooks—giving “Till it Hurts” an irresistibly infectious sheen. This one has late-night disco inferno written all over it.

Till it Hurts (Radio Mix)