In making his forthcoming Orbits LP, longstanding Philly producer Starkey created more than 30 songs before narrowing the tracklist down to 13, and today, we have one of the many outtakes, an atmospheric production called “Time Lapse.” While much less structured than the other tunes that made the cut, “Time Lapse” reflects Starkey’s sci-fi theme for Orbits with its collection of post-apocalyptic and galactic sounds. A sole opera vocal sullenly pushes the corners of the dark and dissonant space as it’s rattled by low-end crashes. Before the album drops on December 3 via Civil, you can preview more of Starkey’s forthcoming music, as well as check out Orbits‘ artwork and tracklist, after the jump.

1. Renegade Starship
2. Command
3. G V Star (Part 1)
4. G V Star (Part 2)
5. Thugs
6. Lzr
7. Synchronize
8. Dystopia
9. …And Then God Built the Cosmos
10. Crashing Sphere
11. The Shuttle
12. Magnet
13. Distant Star

Time Lapse