Sound Pellegrino has cooked up quite the concoction of producers for the first edition of its collaborative release series, Crossover, tapping UK badman Bok Bok and Amsterdam’s soulful Tom Trago to deliver a six-track EP, Night Voyage Tool Kit (artwork above). The label has kindly offered up “Time Master” from the EP, which officially sees a release today, and it’s a song that seems to find the perfect balance between Bok Bok’s heavy-handed bass leanings and Trago’s knack for potent synth tones. Taking a generous sample from a Teki Latex and Para One remix of Canblaster’s “Clockworks,” the pair work through an intoxicating rhythm (complete with giant, pitched toms) for the first two minutes or so before the track’s real treat reveals itself in the first breakdown, as a gliding Death Row-reminiscent synth line pops out of nowhere and propels this one into some seldom-reached galaxy where space-disco anthems and house-infused bass music live in perfect harmony.

Time Master