Former San Francisco art-punk outfit Mi Ami—the pair is now split between Brooklyn and SF—is preparing a new LP for 100% Silk, Decade (pictured above), which drops on March 20. The band’s edgy brand of danceable punk is nowhere to be heard here, as the duo’s sound has shifted towards drawn-out, dancefloor-ready house—a development that’s not entirely surprising given the recent output of the two members’ solo projects, Ital and Magic Touch. “Time of Love” is the second track from Decade, and it finds Mi Ami adopting an improvised and gear-bound approach, one that’s not unlike that taken by bands like Blondes and Teengirl Fantasy. One can hear un-orchestrated knob-turns all throughout the song, expanding and compressing delay feedback while the eleven-minute track sizzles along with a 707 hi-hat, analog claps, delayed vocals, and a disco bassline.

02 Time Of Love