The anticipation is steadily increasing as we draw closer to the release date for the forthcoming Kode9 and The Spaceape LP, Black Sun, but to help hold us futuristic beat junkies over in the meantime, Kode9 has sent along this dub version of “Time Patrol” (which originally appeared on the 5 Years of Hyperdub comp back in 2009). As to be expected from a dub, The Spaceape’s vocals are completely stripped away, allowing the focus to be on Kode9’s lush, booming production. The only trace of vocals left amongst the menacing synth lines and dark horn stabs is the echoing, emotive phrasing of Chinese vocalist Cha Cha, whose contribution to the track marked her first collaboration with the London producer but has since led to her appearing on four tracks for the upcoming LP. In the time before Black Sun drops on April 18, we’re thankful that Kode9 has allowed us to take a little trip into his reimagined past in hopes that it’ll better prepare us for the mind-warping future he is about to deliver.

Time Patrol Dub