Emerging producers Matt Waites and JR Seaton have come together to form Call Super, a duo dedicated to exploring the possibilities of dark, yet slightly off, dance music. The pair recently released its debut EP, Staircase (artwork above), for the newly minted London imprint Five Easy Pieces. To help introduce the project, they’ve gone ahead and shared “Timora”, which kicks off strong on an analog futurism tip before eventually revealing itself as a full-fledged techno endeavor. Utilizing brooding arps and dissonant synth blurbs, the duo keeps things moving with enough nostalgic drum-machine work to equally please both techno classicists and dancefloor junkies. In addition to this tune, the Staircase EP comes with two more original productions (of the muscular house sort), a re-work of the duo’s own “Nosebleed” track, and a remix from burgeoning Berliner Objekt.