Back in the mid-to-late ’90s, a new breed of techno producers emerged in North America, pushing a sound unlike any other that had gone before. It was a style that embodied rawness of the Detroit artists before them, but with a twist—sheer funk. Amongst them were the likes of Morgan Geist, Dan Curtin and Todd Sines; the kind of acts that producers have tried to emulate for years since, but few with the same kind of spirit.

One of the sound’s pioneering names was Ohio’s Titonton Duvanté. Head of the forward-thinking Residual Recordings (an imprint that was established back in 1998), not only did he bring to the table a wealth of his own unique productions, but he also helped spread the work of many others. After a decade-long hiatus, the label is now back; on the other hand, its owner never stopped the good work, putting out some of his best works to date in recent years with the likes of YAY Recordings, Mosaic and Soul Research.

We are very excited to be able to offer some of Duvanté’s latest work for download today. Upon relaunching Residual, the producer gathered together a collection of artists who give a good representation of what the imprint stands for on the Refraction Vol. 2 EP: straight-up house by Christopher Rau, weird minimal by Jeff Samuel and pumping techno by Garrett David. The final selection (and the record’s finest moment) was Duvanté’s own work, a bouncy track entitled “Concupiscent”. He has kindly shared a live version of the tune, which can be downloaded below via WeTransfer.

Refraction Vol. 2 is out now and can be purchased from Juno. Check out snippets over at SoundCloud.

Look out for other forthcoming releases from the label: a repress of Todd Sine’s sought after Hi8us EP, and new material from John Tejada (both of which can be pre-ordered at Juno).

Concupiscent (Live Version)

Photo by Brynjar Snaer.