Norwegian duo Mungolian Jetset‘s bizarre mythology—which includes constructed languages, whimsical characters, and fictional sects, such as The Knights of Jumungus—is an extensive one comparable to that of a modern-day Parliament-Funkadelic, and with their music, Pal Nyhus and Knut Saevik have proven that they can put out offerings that are every bit as danceable and heady as anything in George Clinton’s catalog. A sound best described as psychedelic disco dominates their music, and it’s a sound that the Jetset brings into even the most unlikely settings, such as this reworking of Jaga Jazzist track “Toccata.” The pair manages to make something dancefloor-friendly out of the original track, a grandiose and prog-inspired endeavor that clocks in at almost nine minutes, by eschewing the jazz rhythms and odd time signatures in favor of a standard 4/4, as well as adding a huge helping of graceful, shimmery synths into the mix. The rework should hopefully keep you sated until the August 21 release of Mungolian Jetset’s upcoming album Mungodelics, where it will be featured.