Vienna-based label Pomelo is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary over the course of the next two months with a pair of 12″ compilations featuring tracks from the likes of Tin Man, Elektro Guzzi, and a handful of other locally based artists. Before releasing the 20 Years #1 12″ on September 1, the label has passed along this contribution from Harlem-born techno producer Altroy (a.k.a. TJ Hicks). On “Tokui Waza,” the artist flexes his dancefloor muscle, lacing the track’s steady stomp with a wobbly bassline and an array of interlocking patterns fashioned from machine-made hits and resonant stabs. Altroy’s produciton for the first 12″ compilation in Pomelo’s 20th anniversary series will be joined by others from Pulsinger & Irl, DJ Glow, and Buffered Multiple when the record drops next week.

Tokui Waza