Sahy Uhns is a Los Angeles-based artist who also co-runs the Proximal label, which has released records from the likes of Benedek, Wake, and Lawrence Grey in recent years. Next on the label, Sahy Uhns (real name Carl Burgin) will issue his own Courtship Dances LP, a 10-track effort split into three parts—a Prologue, Chapter One, and Chapter Two. “Tolerance Training (Part Two)” stems from the record’s Prologue and spends much of its five-minute run coyly shifting shapes from a cavernous dance track, to a more energetic house affair led by active (and even a touch funky) synth sequences and lined with an array of minute rhythmic details. An impressive feat of dancefloor evolution, “Tolerance Training (Part Two)” can be downloaded below while the artwork and full tracklist for Sahy Uhns’ forthcoming Courtship Dances LP (out November 4 via Proximal) can be found after the jump.

1. Prologue: Tolerance Training (Part One)
2. Prologue: Tolerance Training (Part Two)
3. Chapter One: Varvatos (Re-Design)
4. Chapter One: J’ed(ed) / Chyme
5. Chapter One: Lusik Karamanukyan
6. Chapter Two: Flooding
7. Chapter Two: Test Cut / Strange Guns
8. Chapter Two: Shading (Gray)
9. Chapter Two: Town
10. Chapter Two: When The Morning Stars Sang

Tolerance Training (Part Two)