Back in July of last year, we featured a dub version of Ibiza-based artist Juan Corbi‘s “Cosmo,” in support of the first release on The Bricks. Now, the label is back with a new single from Tom Bulwer, titled “Nuit Blanche.”

To celebrate Bulwer’s debut on the label, Bulwer and The Bricks have offered up his latest modular masterpiece “Voices” as today’s XLR8R download. Across five minutes, Bulwer weaves spacious atmospheres and subtly evolving synth lines into a meditative haze. The track was recorded on a range of modular gear, as Bulwer explains:

“The track was made using Akemie’s Castle for the voices and FM, a mixture of filters including the Intellijel micro filter, the Batumi on LFO duties, and some other modules patched in that I can’t quite remember. The Akemie Castle uses vintage ‘new old stock’ Yamaha YMF262 (a.k.a. OPL3) chips, so they need to be tamed, hence some clicks and bleed from the oscillators. I recorded it on a ‘nuit blanche’ as the sun was rising.”

You can grab “Voices” below, with “Nuit Blanche” available here.