Robert Nelson’s music is tough to keep pace with–in the best possible way. On Subroutines, his just-released full-length for Fourthcity, The Seattle-based producer who works under the alias eR DoN has crafted an album of original samples, like keyboards, field recordings, guitars, and soft percussion, then distorted these sounds so thoroughly you’d be hard pressed to match the new version with the original. Add to that a tempo that takes its cue from the erratic, ever-changing pace of a free jazz session, and you’ve got an album that will get the experimental electronic music lovers bouncing around like the tracks themselves.

01 Havewards
02 Millions Mega
03 Combs
04 Why Candy Thumbs
05 Placemats are for Plastic
06 My Sense Forgets
07 True Pros Call Name Calling a Calling
08 Hot Lungs
09 Tomorrow is Not a Promise
10 Dow Jones Locker
11 Two Nelsons and a Detachable Face

eR DoN – Tomorrow Is Not A Promise