Recall the year 2005, when Out Hud‘s Let Us Never Speak of It Again was released on kranky and we were all so enamored by the rock-club-meets-the-dancefloor-style music that we didn’t stop to consider the title of the album–which foreshadowed the band’s eventual split.

We no longer have Out Hud, but individual members of the band are still making music, and now we hear from Molly Schnick, cellist and founding member of the band who’s currently working under a new alias, Jean on Jean. Schnick will release her self-titled solo debut next month, an album supposedly written to address the Out Hud break-up, and also one that allows Schnick to pursue new musical directions. Rest assured, those who were fans of her skills on the cello won’t be disappointed, if this melodic gem is any indication. Maverick Newberry

Jean on Jean – Tonight