The heavenly “Too Much to Loose” (the video for which you can watch here) seems to be the Sun Glitters song of choice for tender beatmeakers to show off their remixing chops. Case in point, we have this rework from Brighton-based outfit Regal Safari (pictured above, kind of), which follows closely on the heels of Halls’ blissful reimagining of the very same tune just last week. Whereas Halls took the opportunity to take “Too Much to Lose” further into the ether, Regal Safari sharpens things up a bit, implementing some precise drum work to push the otherwise cloud-like outing farther into more head-nodding territory than ever before. And in other blissful beatmaker news, all of the aforementioned parties will be appearing at London’s Binnacle festival, which will be taking place October 15 and 16 with a rather stacked list of performers that includes Seams, Essay, Taragana Pyjarama, Phanes, Tropics, and many more. You’ll find the full details and line-up after the jump.

Too Much To Lose (Regal Safari Remix)