The latest effort to land on Seattle’s fast-growing Hush Hush label is the Light Traveling Beneath Me EP, a new outing from 22-year-old, Pittsburgh-based artist Tom Holroyd (a.k.a. Torvvo). The focus of the record (which dropped earlier this week) is Torvvo’s “Light Traveling Beneath Me” production, which appears in its original form and gets the remix treatment from the likes of Hanssen, Secret School, Faades, USF, and others in the course of the EP. Here, we have Holroyd’s own “Reduced Mix” version of the track, which strips the tune down to more efficient form, while putting an extra focus on the track’s overlapping patterns of bouncing chords and cascading melodic layers. Torvvo’s “Reduced Mix” can be downloaded below, where the producer’s original version of “Light Traveling Beneath Me” is also available to stream in full.

Light Traveling Beneath Me (Torvvo Reduced Mix)