“Totem” is the lead-off track from Digital Native, the debut LP by synth-loving Italian Polysick (pictured above), and is, incidentally, one of the record’s stand-out cuts. While the original tune and the full-length on which it resides seem directed at those with an inclination for noodling modular synthlines, this remix from NYC bass practictioner FaltyDL (a.k.a. Drew Lustman) is a production of an entirely different variety. Lustman retains the tune’s clattering percussion and rattling maracas, but strips away most of the song’s melodic and tonal components. To compensate, he injects a heavy dose of bass and emphasizes a vocal hook that offers to “tell you something.” The remix is sparse, percussive, and fairly unusual, but is also sure to perk up the ears of those who already count themselves as fans of FaltyDL’s bass-centric creations.

Totem (FaltyDL Remix)