A slew of remixes for Holy Other‘s (pictured above) downtrodden R&B cut “Touch” hit the internet at the end of last week in conjunction with the physical release of that mysterious producer’s With U EP for Tri Angle. So, we guess that would make those downloadable freebies just about middle-aged in internet years, which is actually fitting; the reworked productions need just a bit more time to grow on you than the darkly infectious original tune. Belgian tunesmith Cupp Cave‘s interpretation is a fine example. The woozy lurch of “Touch (Cupp Cave Remix)” is just about as engagingly mesmerizing as it gets, but it’s the subtleties that simmer below the analog hiss and slowly bubble up from underneath the surface that require a handful of spins to fully appreciate. You can grab more remixes from the likes of Matthewdavid and Blood Diamonds over on Pitchfork.

Touch (Cupp Cave Remix)