The Australian electronic artist Rory Glacken (a.k.a Tourist Kid) has gathered a good deal of attention in the local Perth music scene as of late and is scheduled to release his debut EP titled ‘A Circulation’ through the Melbourne-based music label, This Thing. Citing Steve Reich, Future Sounds of London, Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) as some of his most profound musical influences in an interview with Rotunda Media, it is clear through both his words and his production that Glacken shares a passion for spacious, leftfield music. You can read what Glacken has to say about the process of recording his latest EP and how his obsession with silence influenced his production in the text below.

“Throughout the process of making this record, I became obsessed with the idea ofhow each person interprets & processes silence differently. I’d say live a life surrounded by, and constantly filled with other people, often the walks I take are therapeutic & have a degree of seclusion. I find the idea of cancelling out or ignoring the presence of background / ambient noise strange when It comes to listening to music, as it often filters through and affects my experience of listening. Whereas silence can often be seen as a complete vacuum of sound, I became interested in the idea of living in the presence of intrusive or ambient background noise without feeling the need to drown it out.”

Ahead of his A Circulation EP, which drops on February 23 via This Thing, Glacken has kindly offered up his EP cut “Dedication To Ellis B” as today’s XLR8R download. The track “Dedication To Ellis B” is void of drums and teeming with serene, pensive sounds that stretch out into a droning vastitude of airy bliss and subtle progressions that are bound to keep your mind at ease.

You can download the track via WeTransfer below. Be sure to check out more from Tourist Kid by visiting his SoundCloud page here.

Dedication To Ellis B