If you’re at all like us, you’ve had a hard time unclicking the Repeat button on your iTunes whenever d’Eon‘s existential R&B jam “Transparency” pops up in the player. Now, after that tune has already made it to the top of our play count list, we get this exponentially ethereal remix by lo-fi soul man How to Dress Well (pictured above), an instant rival for the original’s high ranking. Though singer/producer Tom Krell maintains much of d’Eon’s Pure Moods-inspired instrumentation, he makes this version very much his own with a large dose of thickly layered vocal ambiance, heavy washes of reverb, a bit of textural grit, and his inimitable falsetto croon. “Transparency (How to Dress Well Remix)” is also the longest track (almost eight minutes) that we’ve ever heard from Krell, which will surely have no adverse effect on the frequency we’ll be listening to it. (via Dis Magazine)

Transparency (How to Dress Well Rework)